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Chapter 11

Getting Along with Journalists

  • Journalists depend on public relations sources for collecting most of their information; public relations people depend on the media for wide-spread distribution of information.
  • The major complaint about journalists is that they are careless in their accuracy and often don’t take the time to do their homework.
  • Media credibility is weakened when publications link advertising contracts with the amount of coverage that an organization receives.
  • News conferences should be held only if there is noteworthy news that lends itself to elaboration and questions from journalists. News conferences can also be held via teleconferences or webcasts.
  • Press tours, or junkets, should be used only if there is a legitimate news story or angle. Avoid junkets that “simply wine and dine” journalists.


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Chapter 10

Distributing News to the Media

  • Media directories are crucial tools for compiling media lists and distributing information.
  • Publicists use editorial calendars to find out what special editions or sections various publications are scheduling for the year.
  • Mailing labels must be correct; they should be addressed to a specific editor by name and include such details as the floor or suite in an office building.
  • Online newsrooms, which are part of an organization’s website, have become the main source for journalists seeking late-breaking news and other information about an organization.
  • Keywords are important for search engine optimization (SEO). Publicists must use keywords that clients will likely use to search for information.

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The Importance of Infographs

Infographics, also known as “information graphics” are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge. These graphics present complex information quickly and clearly, such as in signs, maps, journalism, technical writing, and education. With an information graphic, computer scientist, mathematicians, and statisticians develop and communicate concepts using a single symbol to process information.

Since the days of the fire evolution, we’ve been using infographics, as visual shorthand to transmit information to the viewers or readers that might take paragraphs or pages to explain in words. It is not easy to represent the whole story in one single page or paragraph but it’s far more effective then reading an entire book. There are a number of infographics out there on every street. In fact, we interact with infographics on a daily basis, from the stick figure telling us when to cross the street, to icons in web navigation designs.

You can learn how to create your own infographic at http://www.instantshift.com.

We should use infographics because a picture is worth a thousand words. Information graphics can be done for several reasons. Along with them we can highlight the following important ones to enlighten the mystery.

-To transmit or communicate a message

-To present large amounts of information in a compact and easy to understand way

-To reveal the data. Discovering cause-effect relations, knowing what’s happening.

-To periodically monitor the evolution of certain parameters

Such graphics can be helpful in the writing of one’s blog. They can add detail and support to the issue being discussed. They also draw the reader into the story and make them more engaged into what they are reading.

The usage of infographics can also be helpful in writing for a client of yours. For my client, Kappa Delta Sorority, I would use the symbol KD or I could create maps for events they are hosting. Infographics are certainly a plus in the writing of a public relations professional.

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Site Stats on WordPress

The Sites Stats page tells me a lot about my blog and the views I am receiving. There is a Referrers, Top Posts & Pages, Search Engine Terms, Clicks, General, and Incoming Links section. I can see how many views, comments and posts I have.

The statistics are just a good way to show me that other people are looking at my blog and what I have to say and sort of validate the time and effort I put into the work I conduct. What is the point of doing something if it is not going to be shown?

It is also neat to have your own stat page so that I can get feedback. It boosts confidence to know that people are interested in what you have to say. And through the feedback I receive, I can alter my own thoughts on something I have posted or gain a new perspective.

Public Relations practitioners would benefit from monitoring their own or their company’s blog so that they too could see the direct results. It is a great way to stay current with your blog. If they were to regularly check how often their blog is being viewed and what is being commented on, than they can take that input and use it for future reference.

If a company checks their stats and sees that views have decreased over the past week then they will be notified that they need to change something in order to increase viewing rates. And if they take the time to look at the comments, then they can see what their customers think about certain areas of their company.

Overall, having a statistics page can only help anyone who has a blog.

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Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Writing for Radio and Television

  • The broadcast media are important channels of communication, but using them requires thinking in terms of sound and visual elements.
  • Audio news releases are more interesting because they include sound bites, music, and sound effects.
  • Radio media tours (RMTs) are a cost-effective way to reach many stations with an exclusive interview over a wide geographic area.
  • Television news releases must contain both sound and visual elements such as graphics, slides, or videotape.
  • Satellite media tours are widely used in the broadcast industry. A popular format is setting up interviews from a location that reinforces the story.
  • Talk shows offer numerous opportunities for reaching mass and specialized audiences.

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This week I joined PR OpenMic for my Public Relations writing course. PROpenMic is a tool used by students, facutly and public relations practitioners all over the world. It is a worldwide network for connections and learning.

You can invite people to be your “friends” so that they can view your profile. You have your own page containing your personal information and your public relations background. There is a section for blogs, forums, videos, photos, groups and events. There is also a section that teaches you about jobs and internships offered.

PROpenMic is a great way to learn about the public relations field. It has up to date articles and provides a strong alleyway into the public relations world. You can visit groups and events and join the groups.

The best attribute to PROpenMic I believe is the fact that it is free. Anyone who wants to can join and all of the information is there for the taking. My teacher informed me of the site and now I am able to connect with her and view her information and use her as a contact.

I think that PROpenMic opens doors for students and graduates and is a great way to stay current in the industry. Every small action you take can help advance your future and I believe every one interested in the public relations industry should join this social network.

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Apple MacBook Air

In an article I retrieved from CNN.com titled, “Apple’s new MacBook Air: As if a laptop ‘hooked up’ with an iPad,” I learned about the new laptop Apple plans to release this week. The new macbook is around 2 pounds and doesn’t have a dvd player or a hard drive. The MacBook Air laptops will be available to buy in 11- and 13-inch-display models. The smaller size costs $999, and the larger costs $1,299. The macbook will be using a flash storage device that many of the newer portable apple devices are using. I personally have never owned an apple laptop or cell phone. The only apple product I use is the Ipod. I would like to own one one day and the technological improvements they contain are amazing.

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